Quick Find Errors with Update Rollup 10

Since applying Update Rollup 10 one of my customers are seeing Generic SQL Error messages with Quick Find. However, this is only on Lead; Account, Contact and other entities are fine.

It appears others are having this problem (see this post in German and this thread on the forums)

Quick Find has changed in UR10 and if you get errors with Quick Find then first check if you have any address fields in the list of Find Fields and remove them or you can use the OrgDB Settings Tool and set EnableQuickFindOptimization to zero which will set Quick Find behaviour back to pre-UR10 way of working.

If you want to find out more options check out the performance white paper.

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Second Shot is back

Second shot is back, click on this link and enter your details and your second shot code will be emailed to you

Go to here for more details.

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Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft has a website where you can get online training in a variety of Microsoft products including Azure, Office 365, SQL 2012, Hyper-V and Windows 8 but unfortunately nothing on CRM.

Go Sign Up and take a look.

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Windows 8, Virtual Box and Hyper-V

We do all development of CRM solutions in virtual nachines. With CRM 3.0 and 4.0 I used Virtual PC but as CRM 2011 requires a 64-bit OS that meant Virtual PC was no longer an option.

The choices were either to install Windows 2008 server on my laptop or use another hypervisor. We trialled VirtualBox under Windows 7 and it worked OK, although I missed some of the features from virtual PC such as drag and drop between desktops.

The issue is that the virtual machines that Microsoft provides for training and demos are all Hyper-V, as is our hosted CRM platform, which made it hard to demo CRM or test upgrades on my laptop.

When Microsoft announced that Hyper-V was going to be included in Windows 8 client I thought finally would be able to have a single set of virtual machines.

Hyper-V works on Windows 8 fine but I still have a load of VirtualBox images for current projects and I couldn’t get VirtualBox images to start. I tried stopping the Hyper-V service but this didn’t make a difference so ended up removing the Hyper-V feature and then VirtualBox worked.

So I it looks like I can only have one hypervisor installed at any one time. I am going to convert all my VDI files to VHD files, uninstall VirtualBox, add Hyper-V back in and import the virtual machines into Hyper-V. This will take a while!

One more thing; Hyper-V doesn’t like the virtual disks being compressed which is what I have used for Virtual PC and VirtualBox so I will either need a larger hard disk or I will need to cull some VMs.

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Microsoft Cloud Training

Microsoft has made over 30 learning resources available including eBooks, e-learning and learning snack videos. Many of these resources are free so take a look.


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Authorised Education Reseller Renewal

I took the AER Accreditation exam today and renewed our Authorised Education Reseller status.


We are now able to sell Dynamics CRM at discounted academic prices to schools, universities and charities.

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Azure Bootcamp

I attended the Azure Bootcamp in Bristol on Friday. Wow, I was really impressed with what you can do now with Azure and how easy it is, especially with CRM. Azure has come a long way. I will be following Six Weeks of Azure learning from now on.

I can see lots of ways we can use Azure with Dynamics CRM 2011 to implement solutions for customers. Check back as I will be posting on using Azure with CRM.

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