Since I returned back to work in February we have been extremely busy which is why posts have been few and far between recently.
With the availability of CRM 3.0 many customers who held back last year are now implementing CRM or are looking more seriously. In addition we have been brought in as specialist in CRM by a couple of large companies to assist them with CRM for their customers.
Below is a selection of work we have undertaken in February and March:
  • creating a solution for managing appeals, donations and events for a Charity
  • installing and configuring CRM 3.0 for Telesales for an ERP reseller
  • training US office of one of our CRM 1.2 customers
  • upgrade to 3.0 for a local authority
  • configuration and customisation of CRM for a government organisation
  • configuring CRM 3.0 for a wealth management company
  • upgrading one of our earliest customers to 3.0 including upgrade of our add-on solutions
  • installing and configuring CRM 3.0 for a property management organisation
  • review of CRM for a public body and planning to upgrade to 3.0 and rolling out

Plus lots of demos and quotes.

There is no substitute for actually creating solutions for customers. Despite working with 3.0 through Alpha and TAP releases you only really get to know the ins and outs of a product when using it for real.

A few common themes have arisen over the past couple of months and I will expand on these separately including:

  • How CRM 3.0 allows you to spend more face time with customers
  • Integration with third party applications both front end and back end
  • Integration with Sharepoint Services and Sharepoint Portal Server
  • Creating new entities
  • The power of relationships
  • Reporting in 3.0
  • Upgrading to 3.0 – problems and solutions
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Clustered SQL Servers
  • Clustered Exchange Servers
  • Creating and Executing Campaigns
  • Service Management and why it doesn’t work for most customers
  • How to develop with CRM 3.0

April is looking even busier…..


About Julian Sharp

I have worked with Dynamics CRM/365 since 2004 and have been involved in over 100 CRM projects. I am a Dynamics 365 MCT and teach Dynamics 365 and Azure in the UK and across Europe
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