The CRM Diary (Week 2)

Monday 10th April
First thing went to the local council to see if users happy with CRM 3.0. CRM is working OK but I have two problems:
  1. The CRM registration wizard does not connect. They have a complex infrastructure and it is not getting through ISA server. Nothing in the MS Knowledgebase and in micosoft.public.crm the solution appears to either install a modem to dial out directly or move the server into the DMZ; neither of which are an option here. Time to contact MBS support.
  2. Whilst CRM Reports work OK on the CRM Server and on the SQL Server all client PCs get an authentication error when trying to even view the list of reports. The only Knowledgebase article refers to different date/times on the servers which is not the case here. More investigation required I think.
Met with a call centre company looking to use CRM 3.0 for account management. They have thought hard about their processes which are well defined and want to use CRM to reinforce processes in Sales and Operations. This is the sort of customer for whom we can do a great deal and really make a difference.
Visited another customer to get CRM email working. Turns out to be another ISA related issue stopping CRM server from relaying SMTP traffic. This took a while to track down but now they have outgoing and incoming email working. the solution was on the CRM server to set the outbound SMTP server IP address in the registry. One issue remains in that the mailbox rules fails on one mailbox which I think is down to the large number of mailbox rules that user has.
Back to the office to get the customisations for the charity solution ready which we are implementing on site tomorrow evening. This is a complex release including CRM, new SQL reports, SharePoint Portal Server templates, web services within SharePoint and a custom ASP.NET app to integrate CRM and SharePoint. We have a documented deployment plan and step by step instructions so it should go well but am a little wary of the complex SharePoint live configuration.
Tuesday 11th April
Implemented the charity solution on both the test and production CRM environments.
Had a number of problems with Sharepoint on the test environment as Sharepoint Portal Server wasn’t working properly which prevented testing of the integration with CRM so the decision to go live was taken knowling that production Sharepoint didn’t had this problem.
In the live environment the CRM-Sharepoint integration works when run on the Sharepoint server but not from the CRM server or from a client PC. Fails with 401 Authentication error. Actually the user is prompted for credentials when trying to access Sharepoint from within CRM. There are some kerebos authentication problems with the c360 addons on the live environment as well so I believe there is an underlying problem somewhere in the AD/server/user configuration which is prevented my code from working. I need to investigate further and have started reading:
Wednesday 12th April
Back in the office and the customer for whom I got CRM email working on Monday is now having problems with their Exchange Server which after reboot is hanging at ‘Applying Computer Settings’. They had been having problems with the SMTP service stopping since the CRM Router had been installed.
UPDATE: Thanks to Microsoft Critial Business Support they are now up and running. The CRM router installedtion had added the CRM Administrator’s account into the Enterprise Exchange Security Group. AS the CRM Administrator had lower priviledges than the domain admin it prevented Exchange from starting. Removing CRM Administrator from this group got them working. I’ve not seen this before and it isn’t documented in the knowledgebase but it sounds like this isn’t the first time this has happened.
Another customer called to say an email sent from CRM 3.0 had not been received. Update: Tracked it down to the user being being Offline.
I thought CRM 3.0 was meant to be easier to setup and configure!
Thursday 13th April
Spent the first half of the day discussing our hosting offering and ideas for vertical solutions.
Rest of the day was spent investigating the issues above that have arisen this week and addressing issues customers have raised through our support line – emailing our support address automatically creates a case in our CRM system.
Friday 14th April
Bank Holiday here in the UK but like I suspect many other small business owners I was working on CRM customer systems.

About Julian Sharp

I have worked with Dynamics CRM/365 since 2004 and have been involved in over 100 CRM projects. I am a Dynamics 365 MCT and teach Dynamics 365 and Azure in the UK and across Europe
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2 Responses to The CRM Diary (Week 2)

  1. Matt says:

    Are you still having that reporting services problem with your CRM installation? The one you reported on April 10th?
    I had some problems running getting Reporting Services and CRM to play nicely together when they are installed on the same virtual. The problem and solution are documented here:

    Hope this helps.
    Matt Blair
    Technical Consultant
    Blackstone Technology Group

  2. Julian says:

    Thanks Matt
    This isn’t quite the problem I am having as CRM and SQL are on separate servers but I will take a look

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