The CRM Diary (Week 4)

Monday 24th April
Building virtual PC images for development and demo of CRM 3.0. The plan is to have a suite of VPC images containing different software which we can copy and use depending on the circumstances.
Tuesday 24th April
Continued with the virtual PC images. I am ordering a new server with stacks of disk and RAM to run these images using virtual server. This will give us greater flexibility and we will be spending less time later when we need a new environment for new customers.
Wednesday 26th April
Off to London for a workshop for one of our customers in the financial services industry
Thursday 27th April
A day off! I am taking my Dad to Silverstone for the Formula 1 Tyre Test.
Friday 28th April
Data Migration for one of our customers extracting data from Achiever and will be using the Data Migration Framework.

About Julian Sharp

I have worked with Dynamics CRM/365 since 2004 and have been involved in over 100 CRM projects. I am a Dynamics 365 MCT and teach Dynamics 365 and Azure in the UK and across Europe
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2 Responses to The CRM Diary (Week 4)

  1. Jon says:

    You do realise that come the revolution, anyone who has ever had a blog will be second up against the wall next to Fleming-Smith don’t you ?.

  2. Julian says:

    Why thank you sir
    Nice to see you still hold a grudge

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