My Presentation at Dynamics 365 User Group London

The user group in London this week was very successful with over a hundred people attending.

My talk was on removing the barriers to certification. I have been asked for my slides, well they are now up on the CRMUG site

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Dynamics Live Drive

If you are a partner and currently use trials for demos, there is a new demonstration resource, Live Drive.

Sign up for the webcast on 27th November to learn more

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Come and see or hear me

I will be presenting or speaking at the following events

D365/CRM User Group London 21st November 

PowerApps App in a Day Copenhagen Denmark 27th November

PowerApps App in a Day Oslo Norway 28th November

Microsoft Norway

PowerApps App in a Day Stockholm Sweden 4th December

Microsoft Sweden

BizApps Readiness Community Call 14th December

UK PowerApps & Microsoft Flow user group Nottingham 10th January

Dynamics 365 Saturday Glasgow 26th January

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Biz Apps Readiness Community Call UK November 2018

Here are the resources from this month’s BizApps Readiness Community Call


edX Course Developing Business Applications with Microsoft PowerApps, CDS, and Flow DAT227

Microsoft Learn – Canvas App Learning Path and Model Driven App Learning Path


PowerApps Bank

Fortnight Fridays


edX Course Developing Business Applications with Microsoft PowerApps, CDS, and Flow DAT227

Microsoft Learn – Flow Learning Path

Flow of the Week


Power BI

edX Course Analysing and Visualising Data with Power BI DAT207

MCSA BI Reporting

Microsoft Learn – Power BI Learning Path


CRM Chap


Microsoft Learn – Azure Fundamentals Learning Path

Azure Fundamentals exam coming out very soon

Build a Company in a Day

Microsoft Cloud User Group Meetups

Global Azure Bootcamp – 27th April

DLP Workshop – Integrating with Azure

DLP Workshop – Connected Field Service

Microsoft Learn – Connected Field Service Learning Path

Next Call

Next call is 12pm Friday December 14th. Pass this on

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Biz Apps Readiness Community Call UK October 2018

Here are the resources from last month’s community call.

Role Based Certifications

New role based certifications and exams coming.

In the past certifications have been very product focused and students have often had to learn additional topics just to pass their exams.

Microsoft have completely rethought certification and training. Microsoft have undertaken a huge consultative exercise and have come up with several job roles and then defined through Job Task Analysis the skills and tasks needed to perform these roles .

Azure is first and Biz Apps will follow in Q1 2019 – check

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft have released a new way of learning, Microsoft Learn.

Microsoft Learn is Bite Sized Learning, free and online with tutorials, videos, hands-on experiences and validation tests.

As you would expect the focus is on Azure but there is a sizable BizApps presence with 16 modules on the BizApps platform already.

Microsoft Virtual Academy, Imagine Academy and, I expect, Dynamics Learning Portal content will be migrated to Microsoft Learn over time.

Sign up at


Biz Apps Summit

Ignite Sessions

Microsoft Learn

Role Based Certifications

Free 6 week EdX Course Developing Business Applications with Microsoft PowerApps, CDS, and Flow

Slides from these calls

Next Call

Next call is 12pm Friday November 9th. Pass this on

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Connected Field Service Training

Microsoft have published a new learning path with 5 new modules on Microsoft Learn about using Dynamics 365 for Field Service to manage and monitor IoT devices

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Future Decoded

If you aren’t coming to Future Decoded on Wednesday and Thursday this week at ExCel in London then I recommend you dial into some of the sessions at Future Decoded Live.

If you are coming then come and try the Hands-on Labs on Level 3. There are labs for PowerApps, Flow and Dynamics 365. I’ll be there on Wednesday if you have any questions about BizApps training and certification.

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Uninstalling Field Service

I am working on a project where we want to schedule a custom entity using Universal Resource Scheduling (URS)

There isn’t a way to install URS on its own; URS is installed with Field Service and Project Service Automation. So I installed Field Service and I can see the URS managed solutions along with the Field Service managed solutions. However, I want to simplify the Dynamics 365 user interface and want to remove Field Service but it is not straightforward.

First I deleted the following solutions:

  • Field Service UCI App Module
  • Field Service App Module
  • Field Service Anchor

That leaves the Field Service solution. There are a number of dependencies on other components that prevent the Field Service solution from being deleted.

To find these dependencies you need to find the Id of the solution. The easiest way to get the Id is to open the Field Service solution and click on Actions and Email a Link


You will get a URL similar to https://<OrganisationName>.crm<N>

The Id is between the %7b and %7d such as highlighted above.

Use this Id in this URL https://<OrganisationName>.crm<N>[ID]&objecttype=7100&operationtype=dependenciesforuninstall

This will list the components that have dependencies. I had the following:

  • Account (Form)
  • Contact (Form)
  • Lead (Form)
  • Opportunity (Form)
  • Price List (Form)
  • Case (Form)
  • SiteMap

I manually removed fields and navigation from these forms and removed Field Service from the default SiteMap.

I was then able to delete the Field Service solution although it did take some time!


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The SiteMapName in the AppModuleSiteMap is null or empty

After upgrading a customer to 9.0 we had an error importing a solution containing an App into our production instance

The error was 0x80050109 “The SiteMapName in the AppModuleSiteMap is null or empty”

I checked the the SiteMap for this app does have a name but checking the customizations.xml there was no SiteMapName node in the exported file

       <SiteMap IntroducedVersion=”″>

I suspect this is to do with localization as have many languages enabled on this system. Adding the SiteMapName node in as follows fixed the problem

      <SiteMap IntroducedVersion=”″>


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Upcoming changes to Trials and Common Data Service (CDS) environments

Microsoft are making a number of changes to how trials are provisioned for Dynamics 365 and CDS.

The first change has been announced – please read

Expect more changes to come

If you are a Microsoft partner you can make use of

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